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Flagship Keynote: Tackle Turmoil, Trauma or Terror!
(Overcoming Adversity and Making Life Work)

How do you cope with conflicts? Do you bury emotions inside or distance yourself from people? We all have had unfair and painful things happen to us in our lives… How do we cope with the tragedies of our past or the resistance that faces us now? How do we prepare for the obstacles that lie ahead? Life can turn around — 180 degrees — for anybody no matter what. Get the goods from the person who has really done it, many times over!

In this presentation, you will uncover:

  • How Danish overcame his challenges of albinism, blindness, abuse, poverty and depression
  • Authenticity – being “real” with ourselves and breaking through our barriers
  • Ways in which we can derive meaning from our challenges
  • Techniques to foster and generate faith
  • How to deal with negative feelings, emotions and circumstances
  • What is “Self-Talk” and how to maintain a winning attitude
  • Strategies in creating a supportive environment
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“I had the pleasure of hearing [Danish] speak at the Co-op Finale Event. [He was] awesome. [His] words reached out and touched the audience in an amazing way. The 5 Co-op students that work in my team were talking about [his] presentation for days as was I.”
– Cathe Boynton
– Quality Assurance, CIBC Internet Channel

“You truly are inspiring just in who you are and who you are being. Thank you.”
– April Hoyt
– Founder of the Transfilmation Production Company

“I retained Danish to give a 1/2 day workshop to the 20 people in my department. His impact was profound! In the coming weeks there were many conversations overheard around the office and in the lunch room regarding the impact of his dynamic presentation.”
– Brian Rideout
– I.T. Project Manager

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Danish for his time and his presentation on Timeless Truths in Time Management. The presentation was excellent and everyone who attended was praising it. I had a lot of positive feedback. Danish’s fan club is growing and we would like to hear from him more often. Thank you very much and we wish Danish the very best.”
– Suresh Nair, President
– Malayalee Engineering Graduates Association

“[Danish has] an incredible background in the self-development field and [he speaks] with clarity and authority. Most importantly, [he has] developed [his] unique angle of distinctions — something that separates [him] from other speakers and authors in [the] field . . . I LOVE the “distinctions” concept – it provides great learning and is unique.”
– Jeff Keller
– Best-selling author, “Attitude is Everything!”

“I was at the right place at the right time.”
– Anonymous
– Atlanta, Georgia

[Indigo Book Signing] “[)anish’s magical ability to inspire people happens when he shares experiences of his life that people can relate to. People are touched by his honesty and sense of humor.”
– Andrei Losinski, Manager
– Customer Learning Services, RBC Insurance

“After [Danish’s] speech yesterday about Time Management I went home and achieved so many things in 4 hours that I amazed myself and my mom. Things I kept putting off and said I was tired and didn’t feel like doing I did in a couple of hours. My mom wanted to know what happened to me then I told her Danish, the gentlemen she met at the conference inspired me and then she smiled . . . I would like to say that you have a special gift in inspiring people because everyone I spoke to after your speech yesterday said you are an amazing speaker and you kept everyone’s attention. I think a lot of people could benefit from your speech on Time Management like students, working mothers, and the list goes on.”
– Gerie Singh, Librarian
– Toronto Transit Commission

“Danish says what has to be said in the right tone, at the appropriate time, in a manner and format that everyone can grasp! Insightful! Brief! Perfectly communicated! Always right on the mark.”
– Laszlo A. Denes
– Public Relations Consultant

[“Goal Setting in the Information Age” Seminar]… Distinguish between goals and outcomes. By focusing on outcomes, I can actually achieve portions of my goals while on the journey, and enjoy the journey that much more! I have already practiced some of this in my personal goal setting this week.”
– James Pankratz
– Pankratz Solutions Inc.

“Danish is a maestro of distinctions — one sweep of his sharp intellect and he pierces to the heart of a topic with only a few succinct words. Danish Ahmed has a firm grasp of language, and uses this discerning skill to examine the meaning of words inherent in our daily communications that we often take for granted. And in doing so Danish shines a torch of understanding, of wisdom even, on the great significance words have in
shaping our perceptions, our attitudes and our lives.”
– Joseph Balderson
– Interactive Media Designer

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