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Table of Multiplying Sparks

Hi Everybody!!

“Your spark can become a flame
and change everything.”

– E.D. Nixon (1899-1987); American civil rights leader

Welcome to my blog, BLIND VISION: 1,247.5 Sparks of Consciousness, Enlightenment, Transformation, & Transcendence.

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Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

Happiness – 3 False Promises

Hey there everyone!!

Isn’t our ultimate goal to be happy?  As some would say, we want a consistent sense of pleasure within our being.

The personal development industry offers a wide variety of paths to this end-point.  Along the way, however, I have found that some programs tacitly reinforce three false promises around happiness.

1. We Should Be Happy

Yes, hearing glorious stories of triumph and success can motivate us.  But they can also make us feel unworthy and inadequate.  Understanding that most of the world is not as well off as we are, is seldom of little benefit.  In many cases, that consciousness only makes us feel worse about the state of our entire world.

An attitude of gratitude can change our state of happiness, but it must be authentic.  Some tricks do work, of course.  And in such cases, tricks can be the trigger to transform.  But a lifestyle full of tricks can lead our consciousness away from truth, creating a delusional reality.

2. We Will Be Happy

Patience is a virtue, and many religions push the ultimate sacrifice by having us wait for a heavenly afterlife.  There are lots of techniques, strategies, and methodologies, on our lifetimes, too.  We can hire coaches, healers, and practitioners.  Maybe it will be the right combination of pharmaceuticals, herbs, and natural remedies?  Whatever it is we know (or have faith in), always seems to be insufficient in our darkest moments of despair.

And so if these tools are ineffective, why don’t we just resort to the temporary tools of our culture (that is, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, and sex)?  These things do make us happy in the moment, and so much of consciousness teaches us to live in the moment.

3. We Must Be Happy

Optimism has been so popularized that it is now a prerequisite of many professional and social interactions.  Attitude is everything, fake it to you make it, and a smile is just a frown upside down, right?  Being sad, showing frustration, and getting mad all seem to be attributes that are condemned and ironically, frowned upon.  ;(

Even when I’m “up” most of the time, I don’t necessarily answer the phone with the greatest enthusiasm each and every single time.  Yet, some people question me about that.  “How come you are not up today?” they would ask, as if to be transformed means to be happy 100% of the time.

So what’s the truth?  What can I promise you?

Maybe we can’t be happy, and we just will go through whatever we will go through.  I hear women go through hours/days like that every month.  I think men have their own cycles, too.

But, we could be happy.  When we are unable to transform our state of mind by our luck (should), knowledge (will), or need (must), then we could use arbitrary force…

That’s right.  We go from the biochemical to the bio-mechanical.

Stop using logic, and stop thinking about it.  Take action.  We know some of the things we can do to shift our consciousness, but usually talk ourselves out of it first.  So stop talking, and do what it is that you are called to do.  Even if you are not happy doing it right away, the happiness will creep in on you.

Examples of these types of activities include, dancing to your favorite song, going for a long walk, or watching your favorite movie.  For some it could be trying a new activity, making a new recipe, or having a conversation with a friend.  Even shopping, traveling, or fine dining are great tools.

That’s what I do.  I get into states where I don’t want to do anything.  I talk myself out of doing the things I know would give me enjoyment, like writing an article like this.

Then, obviously, I get outside of my comfort zone, and write this article anyway.  And guess what?  It makes me happy.

Put this blog resource in your toolkit for when you may need that forceful pick-me-up.  Our table of contents has lots of articles that may trigger the exact shift you need in the toughest of situations.

Trigger someone to the potential of eternal happiness by sharing this article.  Or, in other words:

Let’s love the world together…

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary
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Taxes, ZOOM-IN on your Dreams!

If you have a home-based business, you can automatically track all your expenses with this cool app!

Hey there everyone!!

Very often I am asked what it is I can see and what it is I cannot see.  But how can a person who has never seen 100% describe what 5% looks like?  The 5% is the 100% to me.

Over the years, of course, I’ve been wanting to answer that question for others.  What do I technically see?  As a techie, I understand that I had a limited resolution.   I grew up with 320×200 screens, and it wasn’t until they went past 640×400 that I stopped noticing the difference.  The new MacBook Pro is 2880×1800 which is about 100 times more detail than the original monitors.

ZOOM-IN on Your Dreams!
See visual quotes and read the rest of the article here:

Let’s love the world together…

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary
+1 (647) 439-5011

P.S. Believe In Yourself.