Every day is a new beginningLet us Begin
Before we soar to the climax, conscious intention is the first step

Where do you begin?
Do you begin here?
Do you begin like this?

Ready, Freddy?  We’re going to live and learn
This is my Ordinary Word
It’s my Spoken Word, it’s my Written Word
Mums the word
My Word, It’s Every word, It’s Everybody
Everybody, Everyday, Every Now and Then…
It’s not in One Foul Swoop, or even One FELL Swoop
I’m telling you now, there’s going to be a sequel people
Or this you could call the prequel
To what may be the real viral in style as valuable all the way to Cairo

Where do you go?
Do you begin here?
Do you begin like this?

This is the high road highway short cut for this friendship slut
Changing your default setting I’m betting we will be getting you to another heading
Are you shedding?  I’m just checking
This is the hero’s journey, the epic quest, your spiritual awakening
Again here’s my gift on the gab for you
Follow the trajectory; embrace the synergies
Accept the chemistry, it’s synchronicity serendipity
It may sound like nothing, but it means everything
Especially “When you say nothing at all”

Where do you fall?
Do you begin here?
Do you begin like this?

You begin now.
Begin whatever it is.  Begin however you do.
Just begin.  Begin.

Where Do You Begin?
Change Your Default Setting
The 12 Be’s of Being

So sleepy, weepy, please tittle tattle and we’ll be even Steven; okey dokey smokey?
Say Cheese, please… Smile; ‘cause resistance is futile; {laugh}
This occasion is to give you a standing ovation!
By the way, my name is Astonishing Danish
Let’s love the world together… Bye Bye Butterfly