Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Cracks Up!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Cracks Up!!Toronto Mayor Rob Ford demonstrates the Diabolical Laugh, one of the laughs in competition at this Sunday’s Great Canadian Laughing Championships.

The Great Canadian Laughing Championships brings together the best laughers in the land in a nail-biting competition of epic proportions. The laughs will be enormous as the audience is driven into states of hilarity in a series of laughter challenges… Including Best Diabolical Laugh, Best AlabamaKnees-lapper and Sexiest Laugh in Canada, among others.

Telepathic HumorIt’s official. I, Danish Ahmed, will be judging in this competition. Mwahahaha. To join us, or for more information, visit our Facebook Event’s page, or just read these and laugh right now.

Let’s love the world together…

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