I’m in the Mainstream Media, Video

Hey there everyone!!

The Provincial By-Elections are in full swing, and I got our Party for People with Special Needs some good mainstream exposure.  TVOntario’s The Agenda, considered us the most “impressive”, “thoughtful”, and “authentic.”  And Inside Toronto quoted our motto, “When we help people with disabilities, we are actually helping everybody.”  For the full scoop, visit our party’s page at http://ppsn.on.ca

This election may not be relevant to you, but it would be of great service to democracy to share our message to those who may not know about it.  It will reach the people it is relevant to, through the Power of Sharing.

For a little incentive, check out my latest video, “Power of Sharing”.

Let’s love the world together…

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

P.S. This is how we change the world.