An Ordinary Story (Bare Pictures)

Body Not Stiff; Mind StiffMy friend, Tushar Unadkat, asked me if he could photograph my body for an art show. He wanted to highlight the contour lines of my body with the unique tone of albinism that I have.  Interested, I said yes, knowing that he was a professional artist, film producer, and otherwise celebrity.  THEN, he asked if I could be nude. How else was he supposed to highlight my body contour lines?

I’m so open, that I agreed.  I was blown away by all the tasteful and beautiful images he captured. It made me feel more confident and proud of my physical body.  So I turned it into a little story…

An Ordinary Story

What can a blind man tell you about sight?

 What can a poor immigrant tell you about wealth?

 And what can an albino tell you about life?

 Let one visionary…

 Share his story –

of pain, of hope, of love.

Let him inspire you to SEE

That we all share a story

that needs to be told.

An Ordinary Story

Inspiring you…
Let’s love the world together…