5 Mediums of Communication

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While newspapers, radio, and television have been the major mediums of the industrial revolution, today’s communications era brings with it new paradigms of connection…  See five here:

1. Articles

The medium of print has always been special because the mind can be visual with words and can give structure to content.  People are transitioning from reading physical print media to online blogs, article directories, and Wikipedia’s on their tablets.  This can be much better because it allows the collective to become authors, instead of relying on authority and power structures to validate truth.

As a business owner or activist in society, you can author and publish your works that will be kept in the archives of humanity, perhaps beyond our physical extinction.

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2. Pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and often we forget this simple medium to convey complex concepts quickly.  Not confined to materials like paint and stone, we can now utilize the skills of graphic artists and web designers.  Google offers tons of public domain images that we can used to enhance our presentations.

In this day of so many people having cell phones (even in third-world countries), we all can take pictures and share them with others.  Not all pictures will be great, but the more we take, the more gems we will find.

See my huge collection of inspirational images and visual quotes as your scroll through my Facebook page.

3. Audio/Video

Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love then play on” and you’ve probably heard the saying “that’s music to my ears!”  But TiVo isn’t enough to simply remove commercials and time-shift our favorites, nor do MP3 players/cell phones have any value without a huge library of songs and movies to download from.

In this reality, A.D.D. paradigm of entertainment, it’s all about face-time, quick-time.  Become transparent and start sharing your personal stories through free video services like YouTube.  The only creativity in Hollywood is in the accounting department–so now it’s your turn to create.

Watch a series of playlists I have created on various topics, or browse through my favorite music, videos, and documentaries.

4. Interaction

“I want real human moments.
I want to see you. I want you to see me.
I don’t want to give that up.”
– Waking Life (2001, Written/Directed by Richard Linklater)

Go out and play.  Touch, smile, hug, interact, engage, flirt, acknowledge, praise, compliment, and love.

Some things are timeless, but the tools we have available become more vast with technology.  For example, especially for those people we know who live in other cities, consider using Skype, Google Hangouts, or any social media.

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5. Community

Religions have historically been great for generating community.  In this secular culture, some of us may have forgotten how much of a difference it can make to be around a consistent group of supportive people on a regular basis.

While networking events, clubs, associations, and other interest related group hobbies are a good start, spiritual connection is a must.  It can be inspiring to see the wide variety of topics and issues that can be found on sites like MeetUp.

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Let’s love the world together…

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary