10 Reasons People "Hate" Danish Ahmed

Hi Everyone!!

You’re either going to love this or hate this. 🙂

1. I’m an albino.

When I was thirteen-years-old, one of my best friends told me he didn’t want to be my friend anymore because he was embarrassed to walk beside me. As I grew older, I realized that this wasn’t just a child or teenage attitude. In fact, some people don’t do business with me because it lowers their social status or negatively impacts their public image.

If you find that hard to believe, then you are part of the problem. The notion that we live in a socially just world is a political fabrication to keep the masses docile while the elite carry out their agenda. Humanity has engineered compassion to be delegated to government programs; where people do not feel a sense of responsibility to the disabled because the disabled can simply “go on welfare”.

2. I’m a fake.

I consciously choose to be positive, enthusiastic, and solutions-oriented. Unfortunately, these traits are so foreign to many people, that they automatically think this is being inauthentic.

Most people don’t understand that we can be positive about negative things, and negative about positive things. It is not a situation, event, or person that is either positive or negative. They just are, and usually cannot be changed easily. However, our perspective or disposition can either be positive/negative, and can be instantly transformed through conscious thought.

3. I give people false hope.

This is a common misperception of the entire personal development and transformational industry. Inspiration and motivation are very small components of the industry. But if that’s all the industry was, it would still be better than our entire education system — knowledge without direction is dormant stupidity.

What’s worst than false hope is egotistical knowledge. For example, some who have seen “The Secret” refuse to look at anything negative because they would not be “applying the law of attraction”. The law of attraction is one law — to live by that exclusively is to be inconsiderate and uncompassionate to the rest of humanity which, for the most part, is in severe pain.

4. I’m a conspiracy theorist.

It’s a sad state of the world when people dissociate themselves from their friends simply because of a world view. We talk about acceptance, diversity, tolerance and openness. Unfortunately, for most people it is just talk.

When you agree or are aligned with varying opinions, then you are not exercising acceptance. It’s like love. It’s easy to love those who are lovable — but can you love those who are not lovable? That’s an evolutionary state of our humanity.

5. I’m not rich.

A couple of years ago somebody I didn’t know did a whole bunch of research on me and sent me a hateful message. She said that I lived in a very small apartment and that I was horrible for accepting money from the government. She called some of my friends telling them I was a fraud, and demanded that I send her my income tax return showing that I made at least $100,000 in order to prove myself to her.

People say that health, spirituality and relationships are more important than money. And those same people spend 40-80 hours a week enslaved by the monetary system, giving less than 5 hours a week to their health, spirituality, or relationships.

6. I want to be rich.

People have called me materialistic, money-hungry and superficial. What’s ironic is that when I do make money, I put it back into humanitarian projects, business development, or community transformation. All those things empower others (charity, employment, education) and circulate wealth in the economy. Those who criticize my ambition usually are hording their money in bank accounts, not realizing that they are funding the military industrial complex and perpetuating more wars and corruption in the world.

What most people don’t know is that the cost of living for those with disabilities is usually 10 times more than anyone else. Notwithstanding missed opportunities, just the cost of aids, support, and compensating technologies to lead a functionally-equivalent life is much more than the welfare amount granted. Wealth has us transcend the petty problems of life and elevate us to more meaningful challenges.

7. I market myself.

I wish we didn’t need to market, and I am working towards transforming that paradigm in our world. However, like any tool (e.g., money, religion, sex, and drugs), marketing can be used in a destructive or an empowering way.

Most mass marketing uses subliminal messages of sex and violence to have people addicted to sugar, poor self-esteem, or debt. I market love, hope, and compassion. So sue me.  (BTW, “hate” is not the most accurate choice of words in the title.  Using polarized emotions is a great way to grab people’s attention in terms of marketing.)

8. I say “love” all the time.

The first time I heard somebody say “I love you” was when I was sixteen-years-old, listening to a cassette tape by myself. The person on the tape didn’t know me, but I felt their authentic love.

Does quantity automatically mean that there is no substance? How would a stranger know how often we tell people we love them? I love everybody, in different ways, to varying degrees. My tone, energy, spirit and intention is what people usually get. If people are just going to criticize me for the quantity of “love” I express, then I would hope they assess the quantity of the positive impact I create as well.

9. I call myself a visionary.

Several people I know actually suggested that I call myself a visionary. They told me it was really who I was, and being “blind” added a great ironic twist to my brand.

If everybody agreed with what a visionary asserted, would that person really be a visionary? In my dealings with tens of thousands of people, I can assess the consciousness of the masses. Part of that consciousness is to get annoyed by what others call themselves, instead of being more concerned about who they are.

10. I call people on their shit.

Just a couple of days ago I was debriefing with a friend about a business partnership. He told me how he admired me, saw the truth in what I stood for, and congratulated me on my activism. Then he told me that he doesn’t feel comfortable doing business with me because I am too principled and this negatively affects his dealings with others.

I didn’t think that I would ever be condemned for standing up for the rights of others and holding to moral principles. It is visionary to demand that humanity stand up for what’s right. Most people are complacent to follow the sheep with the justification that they need to pay their rent. I’m not being negative; I’m just continuing to call society on its shit.

Thankfully, there are a lot more reasons people love me. 🙂

Let’s love the world together…

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

P. S. Be creative.  Take the time to uncover the top reasons some people may not like you.  And then realize that it is the same source energy of love interpreted in a different way.  It has created who you are.  Those who don’t love you are those who feel indifferent towards you.  Connectedness is caring through various forms of expression.

Get a deeper sense of intimacy by sharing what you uncover with your lovers.

P. P. S. I share my life with the world, so you are welcome to share this with your world. 🙂